Dead On Arrival 2 Sneak Peek On NVIDIA Project SHIELD

Dead on Arrival was a game that was basically a top down version of Call of Duty’s original Nazi Zombies. It was a fun game, but we haven’t heard anything about it or its successor for a long time. Today, we get a sneak peek at Dead on Arrival 2 from NVIDIA. As always, NVIDIA is working with a developer to get their game as good looking as possible. This is no exception, and they have shown off the unfinished product on the Project SHIELD.

Dead on Arrival 2 has very similar gameplay to the original but builds on it with some really impressive graphics on the Tegra 4 processor. There is dynamic lighting and shadows, physics, and just great looking graphics. When toggled to the regular graphics for other chipsets, they look bland and ugly. They did some really great stuff with those visuals. Watch the video and tell us what you think of the game!


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