Falcon Pro Dev Resets All Tokens After App Update, You Should Log In Again

Falcon Pro is about to get an update that will reset all app keys and access tokens. The update will be version 1.6.7 and is hitting the Play Store in a matter of minutes. Once you get the update, the app will check your license (from Google Play) and ask you to log in again. Those of you who pirated it (if you have the ability to buy and pirate it anyway, shame on you!) will have the app key disabled.

This of course is a response to Falcon Pro hitting the 100k user limit instated by Twitter. That means that Falcon Pro could no longer let users log in, so people who bought the app were out of luck. This is a way to alleviate the issue by freeing up unused tokens.

This is barely an inconvenience but will really help the app. It’ll let more users actually use the app while giving the developer more room for legitimate buyers to use it. In the end, this is a great move. A temporary one, because the app will hit the 100k user limit again anyway, but still a good move. The update launches at 10 PM GMT, or 5 PM Eastern time. So it should be up any minute now. Hit the source links for the Play Store page and the developer’s Google+ for more info.

+Joaquim Verges | Play: Falcon Pro

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