Falcon Pro Twitter Client Reaches Token Limit, Can Not Accept New Users

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Falcon Pro may be the “it” Twitter client on Android right now, but an unfortunate API move by Twitter has caused the app to stop accepting new users as of early this morning. Twitter’s limitations prevent more than 100k “tokens” per third-party application, a limit Falcon Pro reached earlier today. Falcon Pro is hardly the first victim of their own success as Twitter’s API moves have caused other popular Twitter apps for Android like TweetLanes to shut down development.

There is a small chance that new users can sneak back into Falcon Pro if existing users who downloaded the app but no longer use it release their token via the Twitter web client. It’s pretty simple really, just hit the Twitter web client, find your authorized apps and revoke Falcon Pro — token freed. Once a token is freed, a new user can claim it.

Unfortunately, this is a band-aid on a broken arm and it’s a minor solution to a larger problem, which is Twitter’s token limit in general. Third-party Twitter developers the world over have complained that Twitter is making it all but impossible to develop new clients and/or continue development on existing clients. Uber-popular iOS client Tweetbot released a Mac client for $19.99, blaming the high price on ensuring they can stay under Twitter’s user token limit.

The good news is that Falcon Pro developer @joenrv isn’t going down without a fight and has set up a petition to call for Twitter to raise the token count for the app. The drawback here is that Falcon Pro only has 40k legitimate tokens in the wild with 60,000 downloads coming pirated methods. So, while the token limit may have been reached, it certainly wasn’t reached through ethical methods and once again brings up the debate over pirating Android apps.

You can hit the Falcon Pro petition below, though it does ask for a small donation prior to signing your name. However, the donation itself appears to go to iPetitions and is unrelated to Falcon Pro.

Falcon Pro Petition@falcon_android, Google Play

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