Galaxy Note IIs To Get Update With Multi Window This Wednesday In Canada

When the Samsung Galaxy Note II came out internationally, one of its biggest software features was multi window. It allows you to snap two apps on top of each other, each taking up half of the screen. This is multitasking at its finest on Android, and everyone who wanted a Note II was excited to get it. However, it didn’t go as planned.

North American variants came with multi window functionality stripped out. We don’t know why, but it happened. US carriers slowly rolled out the updates with multi window, and the Verizon model came with it (though being released significantly later than the other models). Canadians are next, as Samsung Canada tweeted that come Wednesday, Canadian Note IIs are getting both multi window and Chinese language support. We aren’t sure if this includes all carriers or just unlocked devices, but it’s fantastic either way. Canadians, are you excited?

Twitter: Samsung Mobile Canada | Android Central

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