Galaxy S II I9100G Now Getting Jelly Bean Update

The Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100G is a bit different from its brother, the standard I9100. While the I9100 is Exynos 4 powered and was the standard model in many parts of the world, the I9100G was made with a TI OMAP 4430 processor inside. And like its Exynos-toting brother, the I9100G is now getting its update to Jelly Bean 4.1.2. Samsung is just starting the rollout, so most people won’t be getting it just yet, but this is just the start. Plus, it’ll be worth the wait.

Not only will your device be getting Jelly Bean, it’ll also get the new TouchWiz Nature UX from the Galaxy S III. This means it’ll have the new launcher, faster camera response, new lockscreen, Smart Stay, Pop-up Play, and many more features. Then you get the Google stuff that comes with Jelly Bean, like Google Now the smoothness of Project Butter. It’s a fantastic update and should be rolling out to you fairly soon. You can also try Kies, if you’d like. Tell us if you get it!


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