Google CFO Praises Chrome OS, Wants It To Be The Most Popular Desktop OS

With the release of the Chromebook Pixel, it seems that Google is finally putting effort and money into Chrome OS, something it definitely needs. Chrome OS has a lot of potential but has not really gone anywhere due to lack of attention and compelling reasons to buy it. However, when asked if Google CFO Patrick Pichette sees a future where Chrome OS is the most popular desktop OS, he says, “The short answer is yes. There is a better mousetrap, it’s been invented and it’s called Chrome OS.”

It’s a pretty bold statement but one I can get behind. If Google really tries hard and gives people a reason to buy a Chromebook, it’ll succeed. Cloud computing is the next step, and Chrome OS could take us there. And even now, they say that Chrome OS is incredibly secure for enterprise use. Do any of you see a future where Chrome OS is akin to Android? Would you buy a Chromebook if it had your favorite programs? Tell us in the comments!

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