Google May Be Working On Their Own Physical Stores

In the age of the internet, sometimes it feels like physical stores are the greatest thing in existence. What happens when you want to try out the newest gadget instead of just blowing half a grand on it? You go to a local carrier stores or Best Buy and get your hands on it. And if you like it, you can get it right then and there without paying for shipping or waiting those agonizing 5 days. But with Google products, you simply can’t do that.

Sure, you can find a Nexus 4 at a T-Mobile store and play around with it. But what about Chromebooks? They’re exceedingly rare in any physical store. And the Nexus 10? Nowhere to be found. And warranty repairs means you’re without a device for a few weeks.

That’s the virtue of stores. And if rumors are to be believed, Google is planning to create their own stores. They do have pop-up stores in some Best Buys, but is that good enough? The people working there only educate, they do not handle returns or transactions, that’s all Best Buy. Soon, we might have full fledged Google stores, not unlike current Apple and Microsoft locations.

The idea for Google stores supposedly came up when talking about selling Google Glass. Since it would be an extra expensive peripheral, and one that’s not as central to a person’s life as a laptop or phone, it would be a hard sell. They thought that a retail store would convince more people to buy them. However, the idea for these stores would work for all products. Nexus products would sell so much better!

Tell us, would you like a Google store in your area? Would you visit it every weekend? I know I would. Tell us your thoughts and even suggestions in the comments!

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