Google Shows Off Glass UI With Search, Camera And Voice Translation

Google’s move toward a brighter future with Google Glass took another step forward today with the release of a new video preview showing off its wearable headset. The video, which Google released early this morning shows off a better look at Glass’ capabilities and functionality. With the video as our guide, Google Glass will offer users the ability to receive and execute directions on the screen, send voice-controlled messages and search the web using just your voice. The video also shows what appears as onscreen translation support, a feature that has yet to be mentioned in previous discussions on Google Glass.

Whether or not Google Glass turns out to be a novelty is yet to be determined, but Google clearly wants to explore wearable headsets as part of our future. This is Google innovation at its finest and while its initial popularity may not be known for more than a year, it’s likely a look at our future regardless.

If you’re looking for an early opportunity to get started with Google Glass and you’re ok spending $1500 to be an early adopter, Google is kicking off their #ifihadglass campaign. Google wants “bold, creative individuals” who want to take part in shaping the future of the Glass project. You can apply using the instructions below before February 27th and if chosen, Google will reach out with an invitation which is pretty much like winning the Google lottery. Is Glass for you? This very well may be the perfect opportunity to find out — if the cost doesn’t hold you back. Learn more at the links below.

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