[UPDATE: Not Quite Right] Google Starting To Build $82 Million Private Airport In San Jose

If extravagant isn’t the right word for this, we don’t know what is. Google, mainly a software company, is about to start construction on its own private airport (because normal planes aren’t good enough for them). The airport will span 29 acres and will cost them $82 million. It shall hold a Boeing 737, 767, and many private jets. The photo above and the gallery below are just concept images, but they look awesome.

The airport will be decked out, and knowing Google, will have the best food courts and coffee shops in existence (it’s true, Google knows their food and coffee). We can’t wait to see it. What do you guys think? Ridiculous or awesome?

UPDATE: Our apologies, but we are wrong. This is not going to be a new airport, but a facility for Google planes in San Jose airport. It will come complete with its own terminal. But again, it shall not be its own airport and it’s a deal with San Jose airport itself.


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