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Google Now Widget

Google now is slowly, or even possibly quickly for some of you that are just getting your hands on Jelly Bean, becoming a big part of our Android experience.  I know I couldn’t wait to have Google Now and worked hard to get Google Now working on my Epic 4G Touch running ICS.  Before, I never used to put addresses in with my calendar events, but now that Google Now will let me know when I need to leave from wherever I am to get to wherever I’m going on time I religiously add destination addresses.  Well, Google may providing you the opportunity to have Google Now right in your face, front and center on you Android device home or lock screen.

That’s right, it’s looking like Google may in the near future be offering Google Now as a widget.  Hop on over to the Google Support pages and you’ll find the image above with a bit of information about the widget.  The support page states that “The Google Now widget displays a summary of your current Google Now cards, either on a Home screen or on the lock screen. Touch the widget anywhere to see the details in Google Now.”  I’d like to hope what shows up on the widget would be the most relevant cards from your Google Now and not just whatever.  But it’s cool to know it can be used both on the home screen and lock screen.  It also states this widget will be added similar to any other widget as you’d probably expect.

So, there’s no time stamp on the page, I have no idea how long this interesting bit of information has been up, or when we’ll have the opportunity to use it.  But what do you guys think of if?  Useful?  Will it add a new dimension of Google Now and improve the Android experience?  Or is this a big snooze because you never use widgets anyways?  Let us know in your comments below!


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