Google To Continue Selling Phones Through Play Store


Today in Barcelona, Jamie Rosenberg, VP of Google Play, stated that the model of selling smartphones directly from the Play Store is “here to stay.”

Based on past experience, it will be interesting to see how this model continues to perform.  If you recall, there have been a few bumps in the road when selling phones directly from the Play Store.  The most recent example is the Nexus 4. Shortly after launch, the device was pulled from sale on the Play store due to perceived inventory issues.  Inventory issues have been addressed and the Nexus 4 is back in the Play store available to purchase.

Rosenburg is confident in their ability to sell phones through the Play store stating that the Play store is “a reliable way for us to get these devices into market in different countries around the world.”  He continues on to say “We’re getting better at fulfilling demand and kind of operating the store in a way that consumers expect us to.”

Do you think Google should continue to make devices available through the Play store or should new devices be released directly to the carriers?Tell us your thoughts.


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