Google Unveils Chromebook Pixel, High Res Touchscreen For $1300

After a few rumors of a Chromebook Pixel and others of a touch screen Chromebook, we have an official announcement. Google has unveiled the Chromebook Pixel, a 12.85 inch notebook running their Chrome OS.

The screen has been supercharged with a 2560×1700 resolution in a 3:2 format. It clocks in at a very impressive 239 pixels per inch and a very high 400 nit brightness. On top of that you get a sheet of Gorilla glass with a built in touch layer, giving touchscreen capabilities to this little notebook.

In other hardware, you get a 1.8GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 32GB SSD (really?) with 1TB of free Google Drive space for three years, three microphones, and a weight of 3.35 pounds. Really, it’s a pretty nice piece of machine.

If you’re planning to take it for travel, it includes some nice features. You should get about 5 hours of battery out of this thing, and Google has included 12 free sessions of GoGo Inflight internet for those who like to fly a lot. And if you spring for an LTE model, you’ll get 100MB a month of free Verizon LTE for two years.

But there must be a catch. This hardware is just too good to be true, right? Well it’s true, but you’ll have to pony up $1300 for the standard model and $1500 for the LTE model. Tell me, who would buy a laptop for $1300 and be content with getting a 32GB SSD and only the ability to run web apps? I’d sure as hell be disappointed. I expect a lot more for $1300. But what do you guys think? Will be be a success? Will you buy one? Tell us in the comments!

Google Chromebook Pixel | The Next Web

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