HTC May Release An Ubuntu Tablet?

First, HTC showed off this photo. It looks like a device under a cloth, but it looks a bit big, doesn’t it? Could it be a tablet? No, HTC said they left the Android tablet market after a few not-so-successful launches. But what could it be?

Next, Ubuntu released this timer. counting down to what seems to be HTC’s press event tomorrow. It’s rumored that they will unveil the HTC One there, but could there be something else? Ubuntu’s timer says “Tick, tock, tablet time!”

Massive gasp

Could HTC be creating a tablet, but running Ubuntu over Android? Is that possible? Is that even viable in today’s market? We have no idea, and it’s a bit of a stretch, but what we see here could be adequate proof. But the more probable situation is HTC has nothing to do with this countdown and Ubuntu is just going to announce the tablet version of their OS tomorrow. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow and bring you all the good news! So tell us, would you buy an Ubuntu tablet with legendary HTC build quality?


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