HTC Offers Cash For Upgrading To An HTC One

We aren’t sure that you need more incentive to buy the HTC One, but in case you do, HTC is offering it. HTC is willing to give you $100 or the trade in value of your old phone for buying the HTC One and sending in your old phone to them. The best part? It isn’t your phone’s value up to $100, it’s whichever is greater. So if your phone is worth under $100, you get $100. If it’s worth more, you get what it’s worth.

That’s a lot of money just for buying their device, as long as you aren’t able/are too lazy to sell it for more yourself You will be getting the money in the form of a prepaid Visa. However, you need to pre-register using your email. Once that’s done, and you’ve purchased your new HTC One, you can send off your old phone for cash. Are any of you interested? Hit the source link and pre-register!

HTC One Trade In

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