HTC One Rumored To Be Coming To T-Mo, AT&T, And Sprint

More rumors about a rumored device! The HTC M7, rumored to be launching as the HTC One, now has a rumored list of carriers it will come to. Right now, it is “confirmed” that the One will be coming to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. As you can tell, Verizon is strangely absent, but we can assume that Verizon wants to modify and DROIDify it before releasing it under a different name. We doubt Verizon would pass this device up.

The other part to this is that it will come in a 32GB flavor for $199 on contract and a 64GB one that will be $299. Both will come in either black or silver/white. However, we don’t know if carriers will actually sell the bigger size, but it would be nice. Are you guys excited to see it? It should be announced next week! And what carrier do you want to see it on?


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