HTC Teases M7 Launch With Website Countdown As Teaser Videos Hit YouTube

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With time ticking away toward HTC’s unveiling of their newest flagship device the M7, the company’s website now has a timer counting the seconds until the launch event. If there was any confusion that HTC might unveil something other than the rumored M7 handset at their simultaneous events in New York and London next week, the five teaser videos making their way to YouTube have all but put those thoughts to rest.

In fact, the countdown itself isn’t what caught our attention, it was the animated background providing a quick glimpse of the upcoming device that really caught our focus. The five-second clip led our friends over at HTCSource to hunt down another group of videos on YouTube they suspect HTC would show over the next couple days.

We’re less than a week away toward what some are calling HTC’s best chance to make a real dent in Samsung’s firm grasp on the top Android spot. Can they do it with the upcoming M7? We’ll find out soon enough.

PS…HTC, for the love of everything don’t launch this device as a carrier exclusive.

HTCSource via HTC

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