HTC’s Peter Chou Thinks Marketing And Innovation Will Boost HTC To The Top

The Verge sat down with HTC’s CEO Peter Chou to talk about the new HTC One and HTC’s future. While not his best interview, Chou did make one bold statement: He blamed the financial failures of HTC On a changing market and marketing execution issues.

HTC makes some great devices, and they have their dedicated fans, but it’s a bit unfair to blame their failures on a changing market and poor marketing. Sure, marketing is a big part of it (in fact, it’s what HTC does need to focus on), but there were a lot more mistakes made. Flooding the market with devices is one. Even with the One series that was supposed to simplify their lineup, they still managed to make a lot of unnecessary devices. One SV, One VX? Really?

Not only that but their software turned many prospective customers away. No matter what they like to say, Sense 4 was still heavy and bloated and not exactly ideal in the new world of Holo. Plus with no official way to get S-OFF, unlocking the bootloader suddenly became a lot more restricted than it should be. Where’s our freedom? Where is developer support, HTC?

Of course, he’s right in the marketing department. They need a lot more advertisement. Look at Samsung, pumping out ad after ad and showing off the worth of their products. No flashy effects, no DROID sounds, just functionality and a joke here and there. HTC really needs to focus on marketing and advertising to be successful, or else no one will even bother to pick their phones up.

He also talked about how Sense is vital to their strategy to differentiate themselves and innovate. I agree here, I know the worth of manufacturer skins even if I don’t like them. Hopefully Sense 5 is closer to “fixed” than Sense 4 was, but I can already tell it needs further improvement. You’re getting there, HTC.

One thing I can commend them on is being so confident. Hopefully it doesn’t end up being false confidence, because all of us want them to succeed. If you want to read the full interview, hit the source link. Be warned that the interview is a little uninformative and a tad awkward at times, but it’s still a good read.

The Verge

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