Huawei Becomes Third Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer In The World

Huawei may not have much presence in the US aside from a few rebranded budget phones, but they’re getting really big globally. In a surprising turn of events, Huawei has surpassed the other big manufacturers to take third place in the worldwide smartphone race. While they’re far from second place, it’s still an incredibly impressive feat for a company that just didn’t exist to most consumers.

Huawei has been working hard to change its brand image, making more high end devices and filling the gaps in their lineup. They had sold 27.2 million smartphones in 2012, which is a huge 73.8% increase over last year. However, since Apple and Samsung together control 52% of smartphone sales, there is little chance anyone else will reach second place soon. But we can root for Huawei and hope that they bring their awesome devices to US soil (and not spy on us!).


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