Just A Reminder That Verizon Wireless’s New Prepaid Plans Are Now Live

Verizon Is Changing Up Its Prepaid Smartphone Plans Starting February 1st

Verizon Wireless’s new revamped prepaid smartphone plans are now live.

There are now two options you can choose from. Both options will offer you unlimited talk and text.

  • The $70 option gives you 2GB of 3G.
  • The $60 option gives you 500MB of 3G.

Those of you who were on their previous $80 prepaid smartphone plan are  now grandfathered in, but it would be wiser to switch over to their $70 2GB plan because it offers the exact same services for $10 cheaper.

Currently the only devices offered on Verizon Wireless’s prepaid smartphone line-up are:

  • HTC Rhyme – $439.99
  • Blackberry Curve 3G 9310 – $299.99
  • Samsung Illusion – $99.99

You can get more information from Verizon Wireless’s page.