LG Hopes To Ship 40 Million Smartphones In 2013, Samsung Wants The Same For Tablets

LG has some fairly lofty goals for 2013. They are trying hard to get more market share in the mobile world, specifically aiming for 40 million smartphones shipped. Reaching this goal would be a 51% growth over 2012 and would be a significant number for LG, hopefully earning them second place in the Android world. And with their new Optimus G Pro, they can definitely reach if if they market the device well.

Side note, we know we bring up advertising a lot, but we’d stop if any company other than Samsung and Apple did it right.

Samsung has their own ambitions for 2013, but in the tablet space. They want to ship 40 million tablets, double what they shipped in 2012. It’s an admirable goal and the next step in Samsung’s push for world domination. To both these companies, we wish you the best of luck.


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