LG Optimus F7, Optimus F5 Press Shots Leak Days Before MWC Announcement


LG’s already teased a number of new smartphones they will introduce and show off at next weeks Mobile World Congress with the Optimus L Series II trio and 5.5″ Optimus G Pro. Now, thanks to @evleaks we’re getting a leak another two handsets LG is expected to introduce next week. The LG Optimus F7 and Optimus F5 appear to be somewhat similar, with some minor hardware differences to differentiate them.

Both phones leak out all dressed in white, with the F5 showing off a chrome ring around its body that doesn’t appear present on the F7. As for the F7, it shows off a hardware key functioning as a home button while the F5 shows off three capacitive buttons.

With LG back on the front page stateside thanks to the Nexus 4, they’ve got some momentum to win back customers from the likes of Samsung and HTC. Fortunately for us consumers, HTC threw down a pretty impressive gauntlet for both companies with yesterdays introduction of the One, so we’re hoping that LG is ready to show off the goods next week. We’ll know just how much LG is bringing to the table in just a few days.


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