LG Optimus G Launching In Europe By End Of Month With Jelly Bean

It’s really strange how absent the LG Optimus G has been from the European market. Here in the US, we’ve had it for months. And to make it even worse, LG might announce the Optimus G Pro fairly soon. However, all hope is not lost. The OG is finally coming to Europe, starting in Sweden, before the end of the month.

Not only is it launching in Europe, it’s coming with Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean includes both Project Butter (though I can’t imagine this phone being much smoother) and Google Now. However, LG threw in some more awesome features for us. One of them is Q Slide, which allows you to use many pop up windows that go transparent when not in focus. There is also Safety Care and Privacy Keeper. LG made this a big update.

Hopefully those of you in Europe will see it soon, and buy it if you’ve been looking forward to owning this device. It’s pretty damn awesome. Are any of you planning to purchase one?

Android Central

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