Motorola Redesigns Their Update Info Page

If you wanted to check the status of your Motorola device in terms of updates, we have good news for you. Motorola has just redesigned the entire page, making it easier for people to check if their phone is getting an update or if it’s stuck on its current software version. To check out the status of your phone, first you need to select a carrier. Then you just click on your device and a short bit of information shows up.

We aren’t sure how helpful this is. It can say one of three things: Either it’s stuck on a software version, it’s getting an upgrade, or to stay tuned for an upgrade decision. The info is scarce, without reasoning given for any of it. However, it does give you the basics to either inspire hope or crush it.

There is some interesting info here and there. The original DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX are said to be getting their update to Jelly Bean in Q1, which means sometime this or next month. Then there is the oddity that is the Atrix HD: The AT&T model has Jelly Bean but the Developer Edition is stuck on 4.0.4. Did they really screw over the developer edition? That’s shocking.

So all you Motorola owners out there, will you be using this tool? What does the news look like? Is it all sunshine or bleak? Tell us in the comments!

Motorola Update | PhoneDog

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