Paranoid Android Team Fixes Nexus 4 Washed Out Colors With New Kernel

If you’ve purchased a Nexus 4and were disappointed with the display (especially compared to the similar LG Optimus G), you’re not alone. Luckily, it isn’t hardware related. Google and LG tweaked their kernels in completely different ways, creating what could be mistaken for two different displays altogether. Lucky for us, the developer community never fails to make a product better.

The Paranoid Android team have released a new kernel that uses a combination of LG’s settings in their Optimus G kernel and Google’s anti-banding presets, creating vibrant colors, deep blacks, and bright whites without creating over-saturation. The kernel should work with any Nexus 4 ROM, but it’s not quite confirmed. And remember, flashing always poses a small danger, so do so at your own risk. Hit the source link and enjoy!

+Paranoid Android

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