Rumor: Samsung To Introduce Photo Sphere In Galaxy S IV, Call It Samsung Orb

With Android 4.2 came a feature called Photo Sphere. Using the technology of street view trucks, it can take many images and stitch them into a sphere. It’s like taking panorama shots to the next level. And after taking these photos, you can either view them as a full shot or scroll around them like you would street view in Google Maps. While it doesn’t always work perfectly, it’s a pretty awesome feature.

And how can Samsung miss out on such a feature? Rumors say that Samsung is planning to include it in their new Galaxy S IV, but it won’t be called Photo Sphere. They are going to call it Samsung Orb. And the same rumor states that it’ll be better than Photo Sphere due to the “S IV’s amazing camera.”

So we’re excited to see Samsung’s take on Photo Sphere, and we hope it’ll actually be as good as they say. While Photo Sphere is awesome, it needs a bit of work. Are you guys excited to see it?


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