Samsung And Amazon Both Surpass Apple In Customer Loyalty For The First Time

Samsung Vs. Apple

This year’s Consumer Loyalty Engagement Index shows that Samsung leads in consumer loyalty in almost all of the consumer electronics categories it’s competing in.

The data is provided by Brand Keys, a research consultancy in the field of customer loyalty and engagement metrics. Brand Keys said that in the laptop’s category, both Samsung and Apple were tied in 1st place for customer loyalty, but Samsung has beat out Apple in the smartphone’s department.

Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys president, said,

“This is the first year that Samsung beat out Apple in smartphones. When Apple was number one, everyone said, ‘Well sure, it’s Apple.’ But the fact is that Samsung always had a larger share of the marketplace.”

Brand Keys issues customer loyalty surveys to over 39,000 people, getting generalizable data from the entire United States population. The company says that with 95% confidence. Passikoff also says that there is a “significant difference” between the #1 and #2 spot.

Passikoff said,

“It’s not terrible to be number two, but in both cases I think consumers are looking for higher degrees of innovation. It was only after Samsung and other companies came out with smaller tablets that Apple brought out the iPad Mini. It was only in reaction.”

Amazon actually also beat out Apple in a couple of categories. They’re ranked #1 in the e-reader category, however the main reason for that may be because most consumers don’t think of their iPad as an e-reader device, but rather just a general-purpose tablet.

Passikoff confirmed this by saying,

“That’s absolutely so. When we initially added the category, iPad never showed up. And then later it did… its primary product value is not as an e-reader. But we don’t define what products go in which categories. Consumers do.”

Unfortunately for Apple, Amazon also surpassed Apple in the dedicated tablets category. Apple and Samsung both claimed the #2 spot.

LG took 3rd place in the smartphone market, with Nokia and Sony coming in at 4th place, and Motorola, HTC, and Blackberry coming in in 5th, 6th, and 7th place respectively.

Samsung’s vast market share, and its Samsung Galaxy S line are most likely the main reason why it surpassed Apple. And Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets are great tablets with an excellent price point, so it’s not surprising that it’s leading in the tablets market. It’d be scary to see consumer loyalty reports once the Kindle Fire line-up reaches more countries aside from the U.S. and the UK.

What are your thoughts on this consumer loyalty report?

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