Samsung May Not Do A Major Redesign On The Galaxy S IV

Rumors are flying about the Samsung Galaxy S IV, or whatever Samsung chooses to name it. The latest rumors are from Korean journal DDaily, who says that it will be the first model to not face a major redesign. The changes from the original Galaxy S to the Galaxy S II were pretty dramatic, and the change to the Galaxy S III was massive. What if the Galaxy S IV looked similar to the S III? Would you be upset by this?

Another rumor is that the S IV will have gesture support, but not like the existing gestures in the S III. Instead of using your accelerometer, it will be more like Sony’s floating touch or the S Pen’s AirView. You won’t have to touch the screen to do things.

The final thing that they have “confirmed” is that Samsung is sticking with physical buttons and a hardware home button. Some people like them, some people hate them, but they’re Samsung’s thing and they work. And we all know Samsung was experimenting with on screen buttons (shown in S III prototypes, enabling software buttons on the S III, and the Galaxy Camera UI).

So what do you think of these rumors? Would you like them to come true or are they something that will keep you away from the device? Tell us in the comments!

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