Samsung Teams Up With Visa For payWave NFC Payments

Mobile payments are the future, but they are still so unpopular. Google Wallet has been a push for NFC payments, but being restricted to a handful of devices really doesn’t help. There are a few Google Wallet competitors out there, but none of them are widespread. Carrier-friendly system Isis is coming eventually, and now we have a new Visa/Samsung partnership promising a new system.

This partnership has promise, because Samsung is the biggest phone manufacturer in the world and Visa is the biggest credit card company. Together, there is a lot of potential. Visa’s payWave system will come pre-installed on new Samsung smartphones that have NFC. We’re sure it’ll launch on the Galaxy S IV, it’d be the perfect launch. And it’ll hopefully make it to other recent devices via an update.

What about those of you who do not have a Visa card? Unfortunately, you are left out of this system. Will there be other systems? Most likely. Isis should support multiple cards, if you live in the US and are on AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon. However, a carrier agnostic system is probably best. Tell us your thoughts on the situation!


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