Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Goes Through The FCC, Qi Compliant

Back in the old days (about a year ago), Samsung showed off a wireless charging system for their newly announced Galaxy S III, and we had hope. Fast forward to 2013, and that hope is long dead. Despite having the proper contacts for wireless charging (and even aftermarket parts available), the current Galaxy series seemed to not have any hope of getting an official wireless charging solution. Until now, of course.

Today, a Samsung wireless charging pad with Qi technology passed through the FCC. In the photos located in the source link, you can see a Galaxy S III sitting on it with a special backplate. Is this the accessory we’ve been awaiting this entire time? Damn, Samsung, we didn’t know you could delay an accessory as much as Google. Hopefully, these go on sale soon and will come with support for a variety of devices via backplates.

FCC | Engadget

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