Screenshot Of Sense 5 On Rumored HTC G2 Leaked

An alleged screenshot from the rumored HTC G2 was leaked, showing off how Sense 5 scales to smaller displays. The HTC G2 is rumored to be HTC’s next budget device, with a 1GHz processor and a 3.5″ HVGA display. The screenshot is indeed 320×480, or HVGA, so that matches up. However, the focus here is Sense 5.

While Sense 5 has a tiled widget look on the leaks of the HTC M7 (or should we now call it the HTC One?), this device has a more traditional UI. In fact, if it wasn’t for the icons, you could even mistake this for Sense 4. This minor level of change bothers me. Let’s hope there is a lot more under the hood or hidden away. What do you guys think? Is this the Sense you’ve always wanted? Or does it seem to be the same old? Tell us in the comments!

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