So Far The Only Company Interested In The NVIDIA Tegra 4 Is Toshiba


Toshiba is currently the only manufacturer that is interested in NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processors. It seems that NVIDIA is having a hard time competing against the likes of Qualcomm, who seems to have monopolized the mobile market.

ASUS and Acer, who have used NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor in the past, have (for the time being) switched over to manufacturing only 7-inch entry-level tablets instead of high-end 10-inch tablets, so they’re unlikely to be placing any orders for the NVIDIA Tegra 4.

ASUS has also partnered up with Qualcomm for its previous smartphone product line, so chances are its going to continue to embrace that partnership with its future smartphone lineup.

NVIDIA has tried to reduce the price of its Tegra 3 processors in order to attract orders from brand vendors, but its prices are still not low enough to compete with companies like MediaTek and the China-based IC design houses.

It looks like NVIDIA may really have to launch its own brand of smartphones and tablets in order to get its products out there and noticed by vendors. It’s not like the NVIDIA Tegra 4 is a terrible processor. It’s a great processor. But vendors have long been in bed with Qualcomm, and they’re most likely not going to sever ties to their successful relationship anytime soon.

Hopefully NVIDIA’s processor ventures go well. With NVIDIA planning on launching higher-end devices with competitive prices like those of the Kindle Fire series, you can expect the Android market to become a lot more affordable and a lot more interesting.


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