Sony Releases Experimental Firefox OS Build For Xperia E

Continuing its trend of being very developer friendly, Sony has made an interesting move and released an experimental ROM for its lower end Xperia E handset. But this is no Android ROM, it’s Firefox OS. Yes, Sony has released a whole different OS for its own device. Of course, the ROM is for “advanced developers” and is labeled as “experimental” for a reason. It has no working radios, meaning it can’t even act as a phone. The SD card also acts up and the screen is not properly calibrated to touch.

However, the significance of this is pretty big. Again, we have to give a lot of credit to Sony for being so focused on helping developers. This will also give Firefox OS an even bigger push, allowing owners of this phone to develop apps for Firefox OS without needing to get a dev handset.

Again, this build is for developers with advanced knowledge. It does require flashing the build like a custom ROM after unlocking your bootloader, voiding your warranty. And since it doesn’t fully work, don’t go flashing it for fun unless you know how to get back to stock. But if you’re interested, hit the source link!

Sony Mobile Developer Blog | Android Police

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