Soundfreaq Releases Sound Platform 2 With Innovative Dual System Streaming

Soundfreaq, a company that creates speakers with premium sound for low prices, has released a brand new speaker called the Sound Platform 2. Other than sounding better than its predecessor, it includes some amazing new features. For example, the biggest and most innovative feature is DSS (Dual System Streaming). Sure, stereo sound is good enough from one set of speakers. But what if you want true stereo sound that surrounds you? The Sound Platform 2 can connect to a brother (provided you have two) and it will create true stereo separation through Bluetooth. Yes, two speakers connect to create true stereo sound, all wirelessly.

The speaker also offers two USB ports for charging your devices and a slide out tray to hold them. And if you happen to need portability, a $50 add on battery will give you six hours of wireless music streaming.

The speakers are now available at Target, Target’s site, and Soundfreaq’s own site. And target currently has a sale. One is $149.99, but if you buy two, you’ll only be paying $249.99. If you want to see if it’s worth the money, stop by a Target and give it a listen. Hit the source link if you’re interested!

Soundfreaq | Target

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