Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Costs Only A Penny At Amazon Wireless


Here’s a great deal for those of you looking to sign up for Sprint. Amazon Wireless is now selling the Samsung Galaxy S III for only $0.01 when you sign a new two-year contract with Sprint. That’s an amazing price for a high-end device like the Samsung Galaxy S III.

This is available for new activations only. If you’re upgrading your phone, you’ll still have to pay $99.99 to get the Samsung Galaxy S III. If you’re adding a line, you’ll have to pay $59.99.

Also keep in mind that when you’re buying a device off Amazon Wireless, you can’t make any major changes to your contract during your first 6 months of service. If you do so, they can charge you $250 for every device you purchase from them. If you plan on making any changes to your contract, I would suggest contacting them first about it to see if it’s alright.

How many of you are jumping on this deal?

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