Strand-1 Satellite Blasting Off Into Space With A Nexus One On Board

We’ve seen phones in space before, but this time, the phone will be used for scientific purposes. The Strand-1 satellite has a Nexus One on board, where it’ll actually be used for apps to test various things and to take photos of space with its 5MP camera. And they will be testing the famous tagline “In space no one can hear you scream” from Aliens by playing screaming sounds from the device. You know, for science.

Come February 25th, it’ll be launching into space on the Isro Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle and eventually detaching itself and using plasma thrusters to maneuver. Oh, and if this wasn’t enough for you, despite the thing not even launching yet, they’re planning to make a Strand-2 with a Kinect inside. What do you think of this launch?


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