Swiftkey Introduces Their “Flow” Gesture Keyboard With The Release Of Swiftkey 4

There are few apps that remind me just how amazing the open-source default app replacement culture is on Android more than Swiftkey. Which is why the introduction of Swiftkey 4 excites me to no end as their “Flow” gesture typing is a major step forward for the Swiftkey platform and by default one of the most popular, if not the most popular Android keyboards.

Swiftkey originally announced Flow back in last October with a brief preview as the company’s response to the growing popularity of Swype and Google’s own gesture-based typing introduced in Jelly Bean. Swiftkey 4 is now available with Flow as a free upgrade for existing users and $1.99 for everyone else. The Flow functionality has also been added to the tablet version of Swiftkey.

In my personal experience with Swiftkey, it has one of the best prediction engines on the Android platform and it’s just an impressive experience. The addition of Flow and gesture-typing may not be your cup of tea, but for Swype users who want the best of both worlds, Swiftkey 4 may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Will Swiftkey 4 be enough to win you over from Google’s own gesture-typing or Swype? Hit the Google Play link below to find out.

Swiftkey 4 Google Play

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