T-Mobile Commercial Claims Better Voice Quality Than AT&T

It’s common to bash other brands in commercials these days, and T-Mobile doesn’t hesitate to do so. In this one, the magenta motorcycle is left behind for a magenta helicopter. Go big or go home right? Then this statement comes up:

Our super fast 4G network reaches more than 220 million Americans coast to coast, which means amazing 4G experiences in all the places that matter most to you. Not only that, but T-Mobile provides better call quality than AT&T*.

See for yourself at T-Mobile.com/Coverage.
*Data Source Nielsen

That’s quite a bold claim for a smaller carrier. However, with HD Voice already out for a few select devices, there might be some truth to it. So do you guys think that they can say that? Does voice quality matter when coverage suffers? Will HD voice make a big difference? Tell us your thoughts on the matter.


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