Tegra 4 Benchmarked, NVIDIA Shows Battery Savings

We recently showed you an HTC One benchmark in Quadrant, and we were blown away. That score was pretty crazy, so much higher than a Galaxy Note II. Now we have the benchmarks of a Tegra 4 reference device, and it gets a massive 16,500 compared to the Snapdragon 600′s 11,800. Though it is a reference device, it’s still incredible impressive. The other benchmarks are just as impressive, showing some serious power in that reference tablet. Remember that performance in real products will differ a bit, but it is still a good view on what’s possible.

On battery life, the Tegra 4 has some impressive savings, though these are unproven and are just statistics given by NVIDIA. We hope it’s true, and it just makes us want to try Tegra 4 devices out more and more. Tegra 4 devices are coming this year, so we won’t have to wait long to get our hands on it. Now we wait for Samsung to let us benchmark their new Exynos 5!

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