Tegra 4 Reference Tablet Contains SanDisk iNAND Extreme Memory

Remember those Tegra 4 benchmarks from NVIDIA’s reference tablet? Part of the reason they are so high is because NVIDIA and SanDisk have a partnership, and they used iNAND Extreme memory in the device. One of the biggest issues with devices is a memory bottleneck (very evident with some ASUS devices), causing the device to slow to a crawl when there are read/writes going on.

To combat this, and probably to boost benchmarks a bit, NVIDIA used some really fast memory. Is this cheating? Absolutely not, they made a high end device to show the true potential of their processor without bottlenecks. Why would we want to see a six core i7 Extreme gaming rig with a 5,400 RPM eco hard drive? No, we want an SSD in there!

But our biggest hope is that manufacturers will start using fast memory in their devices. We know Samsung is developing some really fast mobile memory, but we don’t know when it’ll be used. While processors get faster, the rest of the device has to improve, and other than battery, flash memory is the most important.


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