The Dog Park: Week Of 2-11

It’s been quite an eventful week of news! The HTC M7 (or HTC One, as it is rumored to be named) has been leaked in numerous colors, as well as more info surfacing. We’re inching closer and closer to its announcement and we’ll bring you the news as it comes. There has also been a bunch of smaller news that may pique your interest. And of course, we brought you some awesome case reviews and will be bringing more soon! Expect some phone reviews next week. Hope you enjoyed this week as much as we have!

Editorials, polls, and other custom content:
MiniSuit Nexus 7 Bluetooth Keyboard And Case Video Review
CruzerLite Androidified Clone Army TPU Case For Samsung Galaxy S III Video Review
AT&T/Sprint LG Optimus G First Impressions
Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case For Galaxy S III Review
AT&T Samsung Galaxy Express Initial Impressions
HTC One X+ First Impressions
Weekend Poll: What Button Layout Do You Think Is Best? Don’t forget to vote!
The Age Of Streaming Is Upon Us, Do You Still Store Music On Your Phone?

February 11th:
LG May Push Up The Launch Of The G Pro To Avoid Being Overshadowed By The Galaxy S IV
New HTC M7 Leaks Show A Different Device While Confirming A Different Name
HTC DROID DNA For Only $49.99 On A New Two-Year Contract Through Wirefly
Apple CEO Tim Cook Never Wanted To Sue Samsung
Verizon Wireless Creates A List Of Apps That Drains Your Battery And Uses Most Of Your Data
LG Optimus L3 II, L5 II, And L7 II Details Have Been Leaked
Google’s Nexus 4 Ad Details The Wonders Of Google Now
Video Shows Off Xperia Z Video Capabilities Compared To Note II And Nexus 4
Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Goes Through The FCC, Qi Compliant
Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Now Available In The Play Store
ASUS Makes The 10 Inch MeMo Pad Smart Official
Google Now Allows Manually Adding Basketball NCAA Teams
Verizon Drops DROID RAZR MAXX HD Price To $250
Huawei Ascend P2 Said To Be Water And Dust Resistant
Google Support Page Outs Google Now Widget
February 12th:
Android 4.2.2 Rolling Out To Nexus Devices, Possible Bluetooth Fix
Verizon And HTC Announce DROID DNA Update Coming Soon
Rumor: Samsung Project J Might Be A Line Of Devices Including The S IV And A Smart Watch
New Version Of SwiftKey Flow Beta Released
LG Confirms Korea Will Get 5.5 Inch Optimus G Pro
Sony Releases Kernel Source For Xperia Z
February 13th:
Deal Alert: DROID DNA Available On Amazon, $49 For New Line, $99 For Upgrade
HTC Teases M7 Launch With Website Countdown As Teaser Videos Hit YouTube
Mysterious Motorola X Phone To Bring Us A New Google Experience, We Cant Wait
Screenshot Of Sense 5 On Rumored HTC G2 Leaked
Samsung May Not Do A Major Redesign On The Galaxy S IV
LG Makes The 5.5 Inch Optimus G Pro Official
Samsung Announces Garnet Red Galaxy Note 10.1 For Valentines Day
Google Search Updated With Google Now Widget And More
Huawei Becomes Third Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer In The World
Swype Beta Updated To 1.4.5 With Minor Fixes And Improvements
Score One For The Little Guy, Apple Loses iPhone Trademark In Brazil
HP May Be Working On An Android Tablet, Tegra 4 Inside
Android 4.2.2 OTA Rolling Out For The Nexus 4, LTE Users Beware
February 14th:
HTC One Rumored To Be Coming To T-Mo, AT&T, And Sprint
Google Shows Us How It’s Done With The Harlem Shake
Falcon Pro Updated With DashClock Support
ROM Manager Gains Support For TWRP, Incremental Updates
Google Now Replaces Header With Valentines Day/Ferris Doodle
NVIDIA’s Free Nsight Tegra Allows Android App Development In Visual Studio
Factory Images For Android 4.2.2 Posted For Most Nexus Devices
Google Releases Tool To Find Nearest Nexus 4 Retailers
HTC EVO 4G Updated With Security Fixes 32 Months After Release
February 15th:
New Leaked Image Shows HTC One In Black
Samsung Releases Jelly Bean Source Code For Galaxy S II
Skype Video Messaging Comes To Android And iOS
LG Optimus L Series Sells 15 Million Units
Google Maps Creates Street View Of Entire Lucas Oil Stadium
Tweet Lanes Goes Open Source, Calls For Help
Dead On Arrival 2 Sneak Peek On NVIDIA Project SHIELD
Ubuntu Touch Dev Preview Coming To The Galaxy Nexus And Nexus 4 February 21st
Google May Be Working On Their Own Physical Stores

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