The Google Nexus 4 Has Sold Over 1 Million Units Since Its Launch

The folks over at XDA-Developers figured out a way to unofficially tally how many Google Nexus 4′s have sold. They used this data to find out that the Nexus 4 had only sold around 400k back at the beginning of January, and now using the same method, they were able to find out that the Nexus 4 has sold over 1 million devices.

The XDA Post said,

Ladies and gentleman, we just reached the millionth device!

(of course just judging by serial number, i.e. minus gaps)

ATURBK 302KPSL999998 20130205 TURKEY

Which means, IMEI prefix 35391805* is now officially complete and the next one will be started.

XDA figured out how to find out the production date and place the device was created based on the serial number found on the Nexus 4′s box. Here’s the breakdown:

Production date is encoded in the first 3 positions (reading from left to right):
1st position defines YEAR: 0 – 2010, 1 – 2011, 2 – 2012, 3 – 2013 and so on
2rd and 3rd define MONTH: 01 – January, 02 – February, 03 – March, 04 – April, 05 – May, 06 – June, 07 – July, 08 – August, 09 – September, 10 – October, 11 – November, 12 – December

4th position defines county:
K – Korea, C – China.

For example:
211KPBF****** (last 6 digits are hidden for security reasons):

So, 211 – 2012 November (11), K – Korea.

Also, by digging a little deeper, the members of XDA were able to figure out how many devices were produced each month:

October – 70,000

November – 90,000

December – 210,000

January – 550,000+

This is an amazing discovery by the folks at XDA. With their tenacity, they were able to figure out the sales figure of the Nexus 4 while LG and Google kept silent about it. Now that the Nexus 4 production rate has been stabilized, sales of the phone should be looking up.

XDA Developers via TechCrunch

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