The HTC M7 Is Rumored To Be Utilizing Ultrapixels Instead Of Megapixels

Here Are Some More Images Of The HTC M7 1

According to Pocket-Lint, HTC is using a new camera sensor on its HTC M7 that will utilize what the company dubs “Ultrapixels”.

The HTC M7′s camera, which is said to be 13MP, will have three 4.3MP sensor layers that are used to create a single resulting image. So while the three 4.3MP sensors may add up to 13MP, the pictures that will result from the camera will be no larger than 4.3MP in use.

This technique will combine 3 lots of data that can create one final pixel. All of the extra data is combined to create a much cleaner, vibrant, and accurate picture. This technique is also similar to Nokia’s 808 PureView or Fujifilm’s EXR system’s way of handling image data.

The new Ultrapixel sensor may be one of the major marketing points for the HTC M7, similar to the way HTC marketed the MyTouch 4G Slide as having one of the best smartphone cameras in its time.

We’ll have to wait until HTC February 19th M7 launch event to see if this rumor is real.