The HTC One Will Be HTC’s Only Flagship This Year

Here is a great piece of news. The head of HTC UK and Ireland, Phil Roberson, had a briefing with Omio and they discussed the One lineup for 2013. We all wondered whether it would be a repeat of 2012. HTC promised to simplify the lineup with only three phones, yet managed to release three more One series devices before the year was over. It was a disappointment, that’s for sure. But HTC says this year will be different.

Mr. Roberson claims that there will only be one flagship this year, and it’s the One. And when asked, “So, there won’t be any more HTC something’s this year?” And, like a boss, he responds “No; this is The One.” You gotta love that. Should we trust HTC on this? Will it be a lie like it was last year? Or have they fixed their issues? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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