Ubuntu Touch Spreading To More Android Devices

If you have been interested in trying out Ubuntu Touch, but lack a Nexus device it is compatible with, you might get your chance soon. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has announced a ton of new devices that are being added to the Ubuntu Touch roster. They are sorted by “Sort of working” and “Work in progress” but there are many new devices listed that are compatible. A few of these devices are the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S, HTC DNA, HTC One X, and many more. Hit the source link to see the full list.

Keep in mind that these are not ROMs but code repositories. They will allow someone to build the proper ROMs from source, so this isn’t for the general tinkerer. Developers are free to put up guides and pre-built packages, so keep an eye on that if you’re interested. But it’s awesome to see that Ubuntu is spreading to more devices so more people can experience it. Hopefully this is a sign of the OS growing fast.

Ubuntu Wiki | Phandroid

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