Verizon Readying Updates For HTC Rezound And DROID Incredible 2

It looks like Verizon is once again updating aging phones, except this isn’t like the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Thunderbolt. This is no large update, no change in Android version. The Rezound update is only 6.9MB and contains what they say is “HTC device enhancement.” We have no clue what that could mean, but we’ll see. An update of that size won’t really be significant though.

The Incredible 2 is getting a bigger update at 32.88MB, but that’s still fairly small. The same changelog is present, only stating “HTC device enhancement.” Now they have us all curious. Let’s hope it’s something good. And just in case, rooted users might not want to update. There might be a security fix for an exploit or something, you never know.

Verizon: Rezound | Verizon: Incredible 2 | Droid-Life

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