Video Shows Off Xperia Z Video Capabilities Compared To Note II And Nexus 4

If you were looking for a good demonstration of the Sony Xperia Z‘s new 13MP Exmor RS camera sensor, look no further. This video was made of Paris at night using three devices, the Xperia Z, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, and the LG Nexus 4. The various video samples were taken around some dark streets or of the Eiffel tower. The Xperia Z had its HDR mode toggled on and off multiple times throughout the video, while the other two devices had constant video settings. Also, sound switched between the three devices.

In regular video, the Xperia Z does capture more light. It’s a very good attribute of the sensor. The Note II produces much more natural colors, but it’s darker. The Nexus 4 simply produced dark, slightly blurry, yellow video. With HDR mode on, the Xperia Z took in far more light but the noise was unbearable. Generally, HDR is reserved for dark subjects and bright backgrounds, so it shouldn’t really be applicable to nighttime video. I think it looks pretty horrible. But it takes in a lot of light, so that can be viewed as a plus.

In terms of audio, the Xperia Z had cleaner audio but the Note II was louder, letting you hear more. Overall, the Note II probably won that battle. The Nexus 4 had very muffled audio. But in conclusion, the Xperia Z sensor is very impressive, don’t you think?

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