Action Launcher Pro Updated With Brilliant Feature Called Shutters

Action Launcher Pro is a very innovative launcher, and it just keeps getting better. Covers are an incredible feature that allows you to open an app with one tap, while still retaining the functionality of a folder, opening that with a swipe. However, developer Chris Lacy has created another brilliant feature, taking Covers to the next level.

Shutters are like covers, but with widgets instead of app folders. Swiping an app that’s a Shutter pops open its widget. For example, swiping a Shutter of Gmail will open the Gmail widget. This way, you can utilize widgets without scattering them across remote home screens.

Shutters work inside Covers, too. If you have a cover with apps inside, swipe one of those apps and it opens a Shutter within a Cover. It sounds complicated, but it requires no setup and is really simple to use. Unfortunately, they do require Android 4.1 due to API limitations, so keep that in mind. Watch the video for a demonstration. And if you don’t have this app, buy it now! The update should be up at any time!

Play: Action Launcher Pro

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