All-In-One Toolkit For The HTC One Released

If you’re planning to be the proud owner of the HTC One, but know you won’t be happy with stock software (I wouldn’t blame you), then we have good news for you. A developer by the name of Hasoon2000 has released an all-in-one toolkit for the One, doing everything from unlocking your bootloader to flashing kernels and recoveries. This should be a great and useful resource to those looking to modify and root the device when they get their hands on it. And let’s face it, Sense is nowhere near perfect. Some of you might agree it might need a little sprucing up.

However, modifying your phone will void its warranty, so proceed at your own risk. Know what you’re getting yourself into! But trust us, it’s a fun time. So once you get that HTC One, hit the source link and download the toolkit! And for now, keep this page bookmarked so you don’t forget.

XDA: HTC One Toolkit | XDA

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