Update: Alleged Galaxy S IV Screenshots Leak, Seem To Be Fake

A few screenshots from what looks like the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S IV have allegedly leaked, and they have some interesting stuff in them. First of all is the new Nature UX 2.0, complete with new icons but a very similar launcher. Then there are features like a new tabbed Settings menu, Smart Scroll in the settings, and all of it using a new white background instead of the classic black or gradient.

Smart scroll is a rumored feature that would let you scroll with your eyes. The software would detect when you have reached the bottom of the page with your eyes and will scroll down for you. Sounds like an awesome feature if it works properly.

However, there is reason to believe the images are faked. First of all, the height of the status bar doesn’t match up between photos. It’s much taller in the homescreen image, which is strange. Also, the icons in the status bar are not aligned the same throughout the images, as the clock is shifted in one of them. They seem very inconsistent, so they may very well be fake. Do you guys notice any inconsistencies? Or do you think they’re real? Tell us in the comments!

Update: We’ve been analyzing the screenshots and noticed that the smart stay/smart rotate icon is continuously there. Of course, on the current lineup of Samsung phones, those icons only blink for a fraction of a second. Getting it into all the screenshots seems extremely unlikely. Also, we created a GIF as an example. Watch the status bar closely:

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