ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 Receiving 4.2 Update In The US

Until today, Android 4.2 was confined to the Nexus line, unless you were rooted of course. Many devices have unofficial 4.2 AOSP ROMs, and the Galaxy S III even has a 4.2 leak for it. Today, the first non-Nexus device gets an official 4.2 update, and it’s the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300. ASUS is rolling the OTA out right now in the US, with other markets to follow in March.

Android 4.2 will get you multi-user support, along with quick toggles, a new swipe keyboard, and various other improvements. ASUS also threw in an updated App Locker, Lock Screen, and Setup Wizard. Obviously, you’re getting a lot in one update.

But you have to wonder, why is ASUS updating their TF300 when they have a Transformer Prime and Infinity in the higher end of the spectrum? Sure, the more budget oriented device is more popular, but shouldn’t the owners of high end devices get updates first? Luckily, ASUS says that the Infinity and MeMo Pad Smart are getting the update sometime in Q2. However, the Transformer Prime is left out of that list. Is the superior Prime left behind?

Android Central

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